Pilot and demonstration activities

The research and technology developments are completed by applied research in pilot chains and demonstration activities. These are core elements in Q-PorkChains which focus on the involvement of the industry and especially on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in testing and demonstrating innovations and new technologies.

Addressing application oriented research on chain aspects together with mostly legally independent organisations is a major challenge of Q-PorkChains. A multitude of players from a variety of disciplines along pork chains have to be involved when preliminary results or demonstrated research findings are to be validated on a chain level.

Eight pilot chains and two demonstration chains act as real-world laboratories and integrate research with 'on the ground' validation.

Four pilot chains have been outlined. Starting in 2008, they will implement and validate first research results. The topics include:

New industrial partner have been selected via a competitive call (Feb. - May 2009). Further four pilot and two demonstration chains will start their work in 2010. The new topics include:

For illustration purpose please see as well the following presentation