Pilot 7: Implementation of regional pork chain concepts and new pork product concepts

The overall aim of the pilot chain is to implement and evaluate new pork production concepts, as well as to identify key success factors of a regional production chain. The geographical aspects are from major relevance in this pilot chain. The partners in Germany and Greek will focus on the creation of innovative products such as souvlaki and gyros in Greece or sausages from a special regional German breed. Focussing on the communication of non-material characteristics (e.g. quality programmes) towards the costumers is additionally very important.


Now online (June 2012)- updated description of Pilot Chain 7



Description of Pilot 7


1.) What is the main objective of the pilot chain?

The overall objective is to develop a regional based quality pork program distributed through a new sales channel as well as to find new ways for a communication e.g. participation in quality programmes etc.


2.) Please explain the status quo of the activities within the pilot chain.

At this point of time, products as well as a marketing concept are in progress. For this purpose, product and marketing tests have been started.


3.) Which results can be expected in the further course of the project?

The expected results are to build up a product line, based on farmers and regional values and owned by a farmers association in partnership with a big manufacturer. The thread is to communicate the ideas of a regional production via retailer channels.


4.) How can these results be realised (e.g. which technology is used etc.)?

Developing and testing of different marketing tools and evaluation of its success.


5.) What are the main steps in the next period?

1. Further tests of products and marketing

2. Evaluation of consumer feedback


6.) What are the innovative aspects of the pilot chain compared to the status quo of the pig and pork sector?

Brands in the retailer shops in the meat sector are not owned by farmers. They are either hold by the retailers or the manufacturers. This should be based on a partnership between farmers and retailers as equally strong partners. It would be a great advantage to build up a communication line, where trust can be build between farmers and end consumers – but using the infrastructure of big retailers and manufacturers.


7.) How can these results apply to other companies in the sector?

This could be used as an example for other farmers groups and lead to a new way of collaboration.


8.) Please explain the collaboration within the Q-PorkChains project.

Module I and IV are working within this project. Results of pilot chain 5 may be used as an added value in the quality meat program.

The team of the seventh pilot chain consists of the following partners:

Business partner:

D. Didangelos Bros-N. Exarchos SA (IASON)

D. Didangelos Bros, El. Ar. Papasika LTD (CHIR)

Didangelos Iason-Giannakos Andreas General Partnership (GEF)

Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall


Research partner:

Agricultural University of Athens

University of Wageningen

Nofima AS



GIQS e.V. (Trans Border Integrated Quality Assurance)