Pilot 5: Implementation of sustainability aspects in the quality pork program of a regional chain

The implementation of an innovative pig production system based on integrated sustainability criteria or sustainable breeding strategies is the content of this pilot chain. Criteria from the in Module II developed sustainability handbook will be used to extend an existing quality programme at farm level.

Sustainability aspects are for example:

  • animal health and welfare
  • environmental impacts
  • genetic resources
  • human working conditions
  • meat quality
  • social conformity etc.

The developed system in this pilot chain could be applied by other companies in the agricultural sector.


Now online (June 2012) - Updated description of Pilot Chain 5



Description of Pilot 5


1.) What is the main objective of the pilot chain?

The main object of the pilot chain is to test and implement sustainability aspects in pig production.


2.) Please explain the status quo of the activities within the pilot chain.

The sustainability handbook and the survey of module II were tested on farms from the BESH. The data is in comparison with facts around Europe. Selections are made about the most prospective sustainability tools.


3.) Which results can be expected in the further course of the project?

A better sustainability situation for pig farming using adapted techniques is one of the expected results. In this regard, an added value through a more sustainable production is furthermore expected.


4.) How can these results be realised (e.g. which technology is used etc.)?

For the realization of the pilot results surveys, interviews and practical implementations on a broad range of farms are used. With these information, it is possible to use a wide range of facts from different point of views.


5.) What are the main steps in the next period?

Develop the most suitable tools with regard to sustainability in a way, that farmers and farm consultants can use the techniques themselves.


6.) What are the innovative aspects of the pilot chain compared to the status quo of the pig and pork sector?

Sustainability is not really important in pig production yet. The developments may improve this in different steps of the production.


7.) How can these results apply to other companies in the sector?

Tools may be used in most of the pig production systems on farms. A broad impact could be gained in sustainability of pork production if these aspects are used in the quality meat programs of companies.


8.) Please explain the collaboration within the Q-PorkChains project.

Module II is also working in this pilot chain. Outcomes may be used as added value for marketing of pork as developed in pilot chain 7.




The team of the fifth pilot chain consists of the following partners:

Business partner:

Landwirtschaftlicher Beratungsdienst Schwäbisch Hall

Bäuerliche Erzeugungsgemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall


Research partner:

Newcastle University

L'institut national de la recherche agronomique



GIQS e.V. (Trans Border Integrated Quality Assurance)


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