Pilot 3: Use of rapid methods for animal health, animal welfare and food safety (dipstick test for Acute Phase Protein)

The main research objective is the development of a rapid test on Acute Phase Proteins (APPs) for animal health, animal welfare and food safety. This activity has three subtasks:

  • Development of an APP rapid test at lab level.
  • Implementation of the rapid test into pork production at farm level. The developed rapid test shall be implemented for on-farm use at living pigs to identify their health status. Aim of this approach is the incorporation of routinley APP monitoring in integrated quality systems that allows a sequential health analysis of pig stocks.
  • Analysis of relationships between APP levels and meat quality traits based on studies of the universities of Bonn and Aarhus.

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The team of the third pilot chain consists of the following partners:


Business partner:


contact person: Matilde Pineiro

Research partner:

University of Bonn

contact persons: Detert Brinkmann , Thorsten Klauke


GIQS e.V. (Trans Border Integrated Quality Assurance)

contact person: Maren Bruns

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