Event no.: 7

Country: Spain

Date: 08th of September

Type of Activity: Workshop

Content: APP Rapid Test - To Detect General Biomarkers of Disease Acute Phase Protein (APP) for the Use on Farms

Integrated Module(s): Module II and IV

Integrated Pilot Chain(s): Pilot 3

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Within the delegation trip to Segovia, Spain, a workshop took place on the 8th of September 2009. Questions concerning general aspects like the use of the test, the spot of sampling, the method of selecting, the sample size and the recycling of the blood samples have been answered in the course of the presentation and the plant visits. Further contents were also discussions on the interpretation of the test and the impact of the results. With the view on future implication for the different groups of users, the question which rose was how to build further health management activities on these results. Concerning the above mentioned aspects, a final presentation regarding the opportunities the test offers has been held at the end of the training event.

The target group for both events consisted of industry stakeholders, especially SMEs and research organisations, for instance, members of universities etc. The visit revealed the day-to-day operations of the Spanish production chain and, therefore, gave new insights to the participants.



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Video APP Rapid Test