Event no.: 6

Country: Spain

Date: 07th-10th of September 2009

Type of Activity: Delegation Trip

Content: Pork Production in Spain

Integrated Module(s): Module II and IV

Integrated Pilot Chain(s): Pilot 3

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Event no. 6 was organised in form of a delegation trip to Segovia, Spain on the 7th of September 2009 with duration of four days. During the trip several results of the current research have been presented with the help of plant visits along the whole production chain, oral presentations of theoretical instructions and adjacent discussions. The main focus within the delegation trip was on the presentation of the Spanish pork production e.g. the prevailing infrastructure, as well as on the general use of the acute phase proteins (APP) test.

The target group of the event consisted of industry stakeholders, especially SMEs and research organisations, for instance, members of universities e

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