Event no.: 5

Country: Denmark

Date: 21st of August

Type of Activity: Lecture Session

Content: Consumer Market Analysis; Farm-Level Production Systems; Product Developmet; New Biology; Pork Quality, Safety and Welfare

Integrated Module(s): Module I, II, III, V and VI

Integrated Pilot Chain(s): - 

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The fifth demonstration event in the first training round was the Q-PorkChains EU seminar organised in connection to the “55th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology” on the 21st of August 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference was a platform on which project partners presented results of the current research in form of lecture sessions. More precisely, the partners integrated in module I, II, III, V, VI. The programme focused mainly on research performed in module I, III and V. The aim was to extend knowledge by dissemination of new results, to improve the practice and to widen the existing network. The Q-PorkChains seminar was organised by University of Copenhagen.

For short papers please follow the link: http://www.q-porkchains.org/news/Conference/copenhagen.aspx




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