Event no. 20


Event no.: 20

Country: Germany 

Date: 14th of December 2010

Type of Activity: Lecture Session

Content: Free Range Pig Production for specialty meat - The successful Spanish Model
               Acorn Quality Meat Programme

Integrated Module(s): II

Integrated Pilot Chain(s): 5

eLearning Material: -


Event no. 20 took place on the 14th of December 2010 in the facilities of the BESH in Germany. Within the lecture session a Spanish representative from Module II/pilot 5 presented the latest results of the current work. His presentation dealt with the arcon quality meat program, the black Mallorcan pig and the corresponding free-ranged pig production system. The main target group consisted of farmers from Germany. The purpose was to have an intensive experience exchange between Spain and Germany to show several possibilities for a diversified production.