Event no.: 11

Country: Spain

Date: 03rd of May 2010

Type of Activity: Lecture Session/Workshop

Content: The Q-PorkChains Project: Goals and Results 2010

Integrated Module(s): Module II

Integrated Pilot Chain(s): Pilot 3

eLearning Material: Video APP Rapid Test


Event no. 11 was part of the annual meeting of the European pig selection and production association (EPSPA) which took place in Sevilla from the 3rd to the 5th of March 2010. The EPSPA is the European umbrella organisation of all national umbrella pig associations in Europe. The main focus of the lecture session/workshop was on the current results of pilot 3 with the view on the APP (acute phase proteins) rapid test. In this regard APPs as markers of diseases in different steps such as transport and stocking were explained in more detail.

Information Material: