About Q-PorkChains

Q-PorkChains is an integrated project under the EU's sixth framework programme and focuses on quality of pork and pork products by covering the total production chain from farm-to-fork. Sixty-two partners from 19 different countries will during a period of five years (2007-2011) collaborate towards the ultimate goal which is to develop and implement new innovative methods to improve and control the quality of pork. The partners includes some of the most important research institutions and industries working in the field of pig and pork production in Europe, Brazil, China, South Africa and USA.

The challange for the pig and pork industry is to increase the production of high quality pork products, by investing and/or sale. In any case, the consumer must be aware, that the price of the products will increase due to higher production costs of pigs produced in sustainable production systems with optimized meat quality. Several aspects, such as i.e. economics, consumer demands, and environmental sustainability are crucial on the way to develop new methods to improve and control the quality of pork.

The consumer needs are becoming more and more sophisticated and the consumers no longer only consume food to cover their basic needs. The consumers willingness to spend more money on products with added value such as i.e. convenience, higher eating quality, animal welfare and healthiness are increasing. In the industry, the production are often hold to needs of the short term market and are at odds with the consumer preferences on the long run. Q-PorkChains will address some of the misconceptions between the consumers and the industry which is likely to appear along the farm-to-fork chain.

Here you can find out more about Q-PorkChains R&D activities (Research and Development), the outcomes such as scientific results, innovative concepts and ideas that are relevant to the industry of the sector.

To guide you through the part "About Q-PorkChains" you can imagine the pork production chain as it is illustrated below.

It maps the pork production chain from farm to fork devided in the industry relevant parts:

Beside the stages mentioned above there is certain input that goes into the chain. The chain input provides the production chain with essential services and goods (for example chain management).