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Q-PorkChains is an EU funded project of the EU 6th Framework Program. It is the largest project, which is engaged in meat science. All in all, 62 organisations from 19 countries are working together for five years, from 2007-2011.

Q-PorkChains has a strong focus on innovation. Main breakthroughs which are expected along pork production chains include:

The aim of the Q-PorkChains Industry Platform is to inform stakeholders of the European pork industry about innovative concepts of Q-PorkChains.

Besides this the Q-PorkChains Platform is in the process of creating and elaborating a supporting network for improvements in European pork production chains. The industry is invited to get involved and take part in this process.

Brochures - Short Information about Q-PorkChains

The official project brochure about the objective of the project, an overview of the modules, coordinating project partners and more. Format to print and distribute.

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This platform is hosted by GIQS e.V.

(Trans Border Integrated Quality Assurance) is a non-profit platform for international collaboration in research and development of industry, research institutions and public bodies of the agri and food sector.

Role of GIQS in Q-PorkChains:

  • GIQS coordinates the implementing of research results into practise. The application oriented research on chain aspects together with the industry is a major challenge of Q-PorkChains.
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  • GIQS takes on the role as „Industry Liaison Office“, to inform the industry of the pork sector throughout entire Europe about the development and results of Q-PorkChains and to support their involvement in project activities.
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Now online - June 2012!!

Final publication on QPC results
"The Industry within Q-PorkChains"

Q-PorkChains Public Conference 2011

The Q-PorkChains public conference, "Sustainable and Diversified Pork Chains: From Science to Practice", took place on 27-28 October 2011

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Presentations from the conference


Relevant trade fairs are listed here

Q-PorkChains is funded by

The authors gratefully acknowledge from the European Community financial participation under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities, for the Integrated Project Q-PORKCHAINS FOOD-CT-2007- 036245.  

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